Zhang Pengming won the title of "Shaoxing craftsman" in 2020
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2020/12/28

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In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of conference on the construction and reform of the city's industrial workers' ranks, vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmen, speed up the construction of knowledge-based, skilled and innovative workers, and guide the vast number of workers to take the road of becoming skilled and serving the country with skills, Shaoxing City Federation of Trade unions organized the 2020" Shaoxing craftsmen " selection activities. The results were announced by the Shaoxing Federation of Trade Unions and the Shaoxing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, forty-nine comrades, including Zhang Pengming from the Jinggong Institute, were awarded the honorary title of "Shaoxing craftsman" in 2020!

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Zhang Pengming, Senior Engineer ,151 Talents in Zhejiang Province, Member of Environmental Protection Machinery Expert Bank of Zhejiang Economic and Social Commission, member of Shaoxing Professional Title Evaluation Committee, current president and chief engineer of Jinggong Science and Technology Research Institute. Joined Jinggong in 1993, with nearly 30 years of high-end equipment design experience, dedicated to the field of technology research and development, in the field of textile special equipment, building energy-saving special equipment and carbon fiber special equipment with industry-leading technology, numbers of his design and development have won national, provincial and municipal honors, and made a positive contribution for the company's technological innovation and sustainable development. He is the director of the Textile Machinery Research Institute and  presided over the development of HKV series of coated silk machines, once launched, widely welcomed by users, and with the needs of customers to upgrade and improve year by year, the related series of products won Zhejiang Province excellent science and technology products, Shaoxing City Science and Technology Progress of the first prize, which is still one of the main products of textile machinery branch. He presided over the design and implementation of the automatic production line of raw wheat of Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd., and the R & D project of "creation and application of key technology and intelligent equipment for green brewing of yellow rice wine" sponsored by Kuaijishan and other four units, which won the second prize of national technical invention. Over the years, he used fruitful scientific research results and solid work style, which good expalin the craftsman spirit of "dedication, lean, focused, innovative" .

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"There is no most reasonable only more reasonable, understand reasonable you can do more reasonable ", this is president Zhang Pengming often used to encourage young workers, nearly 30 years into the post, he also carried forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmen with his own practical actions. Hope that the company's staff and workers with advanced figures as an example, love job, overcome difficulties, pursue excellence, develop with enterprises and grow together.