Overcome the epidemic, high effective service---- share the excellent team of building machinery after-sales service department
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2020/12/31

In the year 2020, with the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread across the globe, epidemic prevention and control work has a long way to go. Since our company resumed work in the beginning of this year, we fought against the epidemic while ensuring steady development, efforts to win the war of epidemic prevention and production.

Looking back to this extraordinary year, building machinery branch company after-sales service department break through the epidemic, take care the needs of the customers, put customer satisfaction in the first, practice the service concept of “customer first”. Due to the hot sale equipment----polyurethane sandwich panel production line total length is more than 100 meters, covers wide space and the structure is complex, it needs after-sales service personnel to do the installation guidance at site to ensure the normal production. Therefore, on the basis of the debugging work, our after-sales service personnel got more risk and responsibility than before to prevent the epidemic. Our colleague in after-sales department not only resisted the pressure, but also successfully finished all the work.


Without a stop, overcome all difficulties, spanning 2000 kilometers to the equipment at the scene

At the start of the year, when the domestic epidemic is most serious, in order to help the customer in Shandong to produce clean metal sandwich panel for construction of anti-epidemic, after communicating with the customer, by special buses and specially-assigned person pick up, we crossed more than 2000 kilometers to the equipment,  in the first time to carried out the installation and debugging after the quarantine period, supported the customer to put the equipment into production at an early date. In this race against the time, we have formed sincere friendship with the customer, won the customer’s highly recognized. Till the end of this year, this customer has continuously ordered several PU sandwich production lines from our company.


Away from home, for everyone, create a new record of business strip time

Along with the domestic epidemic control, all the industries recover and enlarge the production scale, under the influence of positive factors such as government encourages the development of animal husbandry, this year building machinery sales situation is very good, after-sales personnel average travel time reached 28 days/month. Building machinery branch company always put user’s need s as the first, continuously strengthen the cultivation of after-sale personnel, dispatch the personnel to the scene to support timely, to protect the interests of customers and actively practice corporate social responsibility.


Hardships, work overtime day and night, set up a new record of 18 days put into production

Since this year, under the double test of special epidemic situation and orders undertaking more than the historical period, building machinery after-sales service department was facing the work intensity and difficulty challenges. However, the after-sales personnel never gave up, in the customer unit’s strong support and help, from equipment in place, single machine commissioning to the whole line running, completed in just 18 days and created a new historical records.


Overall planning, reasonable scheduling, ensure after-sales personnel safely back to Shaoxing

“Pay equal attention to epidemic prevention and after-sales service work.”In order to ensure the safety of after-sales service personnel, before dispatching each employee, company strictly in accordance with the national epidemic prevention guide requirements, supporting a variety of materials, to reduce the infection at the same time, encourage the self-driving to the scene of the equipment. Building machinery company has set up a security officer, regular tracking each after-sales personnel trip. For after-sales personnel in epidemic area, once the green code changed color, the first time to arrange nucleic acid detection, ensure the personnel safety and then can return to work. Our building machinery equipments not only in the domestic market dominant position, and also exported to dozens of countries and regions abroad, this year all the personnel who went to the foreign customers also strict accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention, strictly with isolated observation before and after the assignment. So far, building machinery branch company there is no after-sales at home and abroad infected COVID-19.

The epidemic changed the market environment, but our company adhering to the core values of customer satisfaction. Pennants, thanks, repurchase, are all the affirmation and trust from the customers. In the coming year 2021, building machinery company will continue to build online, offline parallel service principle, efforts to improve product quality, constantly make self-turning, to solve practical problems and promote interaction with customers. Also provide the customers with professional safe and secure one-step service, set up the global building machinery industry benchmarking enterprise image.